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Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [x For Sale

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [x

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Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [x:

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine - condition.
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This comic's condition is described below.

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4
Fine - condition
Grader's notes for this comic in yellowGradedTears at stapleInside pagesFlatCover free of tears?Corners
sharp?Cover colors reflectIs cover
clean5654555Mint8 Near
Mint7 Very
Fine6 Off-white, yellow or tan Fine5Staples firm Bend OK Minor creaseMedium (fading)Minor wearVery
Good4 Tiny tears, long crease or color chipping Good3 Fair2 Poor1

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