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BRZRKR (Berserker) #1 - CVR A (Main) - Grampa - CGC 9.8 - Presale For Sale

BRZRKR (Berserker) #1 - CVR A (Main) - Grampa - CGC 9.8 - Presale

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BRZRKR (Berserker) #1 - CVR A (Main) - Grampa - CGC 9.8 - Presale:

You are buying oneCGC graded9.8copy ofBRZRKR (Berserker) #1 - CVR A - Main Grampa by Boom! Studios.
This item is a presale item that is currently scheduled to release on 3/3/2021, it will be shipped to CGC as soon as we receive it. Turnaround times can vary greatly depending on CGC's current workload. A conservative estimated turnaround time is three months. While CGC claims a 30-45 day turnaround, that is work days and also after they have received it. They can take a while just to check orders into their system. Please expect your graded book by 6/3/21. UPDATE: If ordering after 3/22/21, please expect your graded book by 7/3/21.
Combined shipping is available. You may have to request a total from your cart. The combined shipping rates on our CGC books are as follows. $15 for the first graded book and $5 for each additional graded book.
Image above ismost likely aSTOCK photo.A lot of times the distributordoesn't have correct art, or it's correct but without the trade dress. It is not a "virgin" cover unless it says so in the title. We try our best to update art as much as we can so that it is correct.

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