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【BRAND NEW】BUCK 110 Folding Hunter Knife Scroll Custom Engraved Checkered For Sale

【BRAND NEW】BUCK 110 Folding Hunter Knife Scroll Custom Engraved Checkered

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【BRAND NEW】BUCK 110 Folding Hunter Knife Scroll Custom Engraved Checkered:






The Buck 110 Folding Hunter needs little introduction. As a timeless classic, it has rightly taken its place in the top tier of American knives since its introduction in 1964. It has spawned numerous imitators, variations, and special editions. But perhaps more importantly, the Buck 110 has been carried by millions of Americans in all walks of life across multiple generations. From being an every day workhorse knife to a constant woods companion, it has lived up to all its tasks. It is simply a solid, elegant knife.

And though the 110 remains functionally relevant today, there is a nostalgic element to it. It is from the era before cell phones and digital distractions, when an afternoon in the woods with only a knife was enough --a simpler time.

Many of us have Buck 110 stories. My grandfather actually carried an early model, and my father first taught me how to skin a deer with one. But at the time, I had little idea of how much of a role my father, Kenneth N. Enright, had played in the history of one of the greatest knives ever made. In fact, he had been instrumental in shoring up an early weakness: the handle.

With the original Ebony handles prone to humidity, cracking, warping and manufacturing variance, Buck Knives contacted Ken for a solution. With Jack Barrett of Rutland Plywood, he developed a fully stabilized, waterproof Macassar Ebony Dymondwood in 1994, and then began making handles. The handles worked. From 1994 - 2018, Altamont Co. produced over 10,000,000 handles with no reports of material failure.

Kenneth N. Enright passed away on March 23, 2018. His legacy continues. This is a custom engraved commemorative series to honor his contributions to the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. His was a tangible legacy. The knives he passed down to us, his sons, are some of our greatest treasures, including his favored Buck 055’s and Buck 110’s. To those of us looking to do the same, there is little better to pass onto the next generation than the timeless Buck 110 Folding Hunter.

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