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X-FILES ISSUES #1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 #2 Special Edition LOT of 12 Comics TOPPS For Sale

X-FILES ISSUES #1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 #2 Special Edition LOT of 12 Comics TOPPS

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X-FILES ISSUES #1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 #2 Special Edition LOT of 12 Comics TOPPS:

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!12 book lot of X-Files Comics, Issues 1,3-10, #2 Special, from TOPPS Comics. Two 1st Issues! (Note: Two issues of #9)
All of these are in Very Good shape with no damage to speak of. May have VERY slight shelf wear. Unread. Been in a long box for 20+ years. Less than a buck a piece.X2 #1 Don Not Open Until Christmas
#3 The Return
#4 Firebird Part 1 of 3
#5 Firebird Part 2 of 3#6 Firebird Part 3 of 3#7 Trepanning Opera
#8 Silent Cities of the Mind Part 1 of 2
X2 #9 Silent Cities of the Mind Part 2 of 2#10 Feelings of Unreality Part 1 of 3
#2 Special Edition Firebird Trilogy Collected in one Issue
Please pay within two days of sales end. If there is a problem write me and let me know and we'll work things out. I am easy to get along with as long as we are in touch and on the same page. If you pay right away I can usually get an item shipped that day (depending on the time of the order).
PACKING: All books or other items will be packed safely to ensure they get to you in the condition in which you purchased collected all my adult life so you can rest assured my descriptions are accurate. I will note anything major or minor that's important.
I am experiencing some tough times right now so I am selling my collection of CDs (Metal/Rock), horror, books etc. I'll be listing a lot over the coming days/weeks. Take a look.I absolutely combine shipping! So, inquire if you have questions.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: I WILL WORK TO REDUCE SHIPPING FEES BEFORE CHARGING YOU BY SENDING AN ADJUSTED INVOICE. THE SHIPPING ESTIMATES FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AREN'T VERY ACCURATE. SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A LISTING AND ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE HIGH FEES CONTACT ME AND I CAN PROBABLY GIVE YOU A BETTER ADJUSTED ESTIMATE.A NOTE ON SHIPPING, response ETC.I cannot afford to offer free shipping as much as this site is constantly pushing me to. And yes some of my items may be above the average rate but I am only one guy selling my personal belongings trying to keep my head above water right now. I am not a wholesaler who buys everything in bulk and then undercuts everybody because their buying and selling power allows them to sell at cuthroat prices, waive the shipping, and still make a profit. That's fine, more power to them. But I pay 12% fees on any media I list that sells. Then a small fee on what I charged for shipping, and then a small percentage to Paypal once they receive the buyer's payment. So on a $12.00 sale I can usually end up with around $9.75. That'd be awesome if I was making a hundred sales a day but I am not, I am lucky to sell 10 items a month. So with that said, what do you get dealing with me? honesty, personal contact, and a real human, not some giant seller that ignores your messages, ships the wrong items, and can afford to have a couple 1000 negatives a year because their sales volume drives their bad rating percentages to the bottom. Which leads me to, if you are happy with your item and you are willing to give 4 stars, please make it 5. Anything less drives my ratings down and increases my fees. My shipping fees are as low as I can make them. If I overcharge for some reason I make an effort to refund the difference. I also respond to every query and write each buyer letting them know their items are on the way. And regardless I don't have a 100% score on my communications or shipping! So, please, please, please bear all the above in mind when you go to leave response. And also PLEASE leave response, I have had at least ten people in the last year not leave me response. As sellers we live and die on our response, it's our reputation and the insurance to potential buyers that we are trustworthy. Thanks!

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