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Wyrd The Reluctant Warrior #3 FN 1999 Stock Image For Sale

Wyrd The Reluctant Warrior #3 FN 1999 Stock Image

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Wyrd The Reluctant Warrior #3 FN 1999 Stock Image:

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This is a mid grade item. It will have enough minor defects that it is in clearly worse condition than a brand new freshly published comic, magazine, or book. Allowed defects for this grade include: a spine split of less than half an inch, minor water spotting or other residue, impacted corners, and an accumulation or spine stresses that may break color. An item could be assigned this grade due to either an accumulation of minor defects or one or two moderate defects.


Office Intrigue. Story, art and cover by Jim Starlin. Another cosmic epic by Jim Starlin, of Warlock and Captain Marvel fame, this one very much tongue-in-cheek. The satire gets sharper as Wyrd explores the corporate culture of the future and learns that demons are behind it all. 24 pages, B&W.

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