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Tarot Cloth Celtic Triple Moon Tarot Table Cover Dutch Fleece Tarot For Sale

Tarot Cloth Celtic Triple Moon Tarot Table Cover Dutch Fleece Tarot
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Tarot Cloth Celtic Triple Moon Tarot Table Cover Dutch Fleece Tarot :

Bullet Points:
Soft Velvet: Tarot Cloth selects soft velvet material, soft and wear-resistant, comfortable to the touch. It has a long service life, it can serve you for a long time.
Protective Effect: Tarot Card Cloth has a strong protective effect, the material is light and soft, and the protection card is not easy to be damaged. It can protect your beloved cards from scratches.
Symbolic and Allegorical patterns: The altar Cloth contains rich patterns, which have their own meanings. Patterns of butterflies, mushrooms, full moon, crescent moon, stars, white snake, and more.
Simple Usage: Tarot Square Table Cloth just needs you to place it directly on your table, or you can also nail it to your wall, which can be used as a tapestry. It has no complicated usage process.
Wide Application: Altar Cloth Square is widely used, you can give it to your friends, family, or friends. It is a special tablecloth, also suitable for outdoor picnics. It can be used by tarot card lovers, psychological counselors, and magicians.

Our tablecloths have a special three-phase moon pattern, and also include patterns with special symbolic meanings such as white snakes and mushrooms.

It's made of eco-friendly dutch super soft short plush, which is soft, skin-friendly, durable, and washable. The size of the tarot card tablecloth is about 25.2*25.2inch. Lightweight and soft, it protects cards from damage and is easy to carry.

Product Name: Celtic Triple Moon Tarot Cloth
Specifications: 64*64cm/25.2*25.2inch
Material: Dutch super soft short plush
Printing process: digital printing
Individual weight: 110G
Processing error: +/-5mm

Packing List:
1*Celtic Triple Moon Tarot Cloth

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