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Final Fantasy XV 15 Drawstring Pouch Bag (DOUBLE-SIDED) Fantastic Artwork RARE For Sale

Final Fantasy XV 15 Drawstring Pouch Bag (DOUBLE-SIDED) Fantastic Artwork RARE

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Final Fantasy XV 15 Drawstring Pouch Bag (DOUBLE-SIDED) Fantastic Artwork RARE:

Hi, Thanks for checking out my listing. :)Up For Sale is an Official and Rare Final Fantasy XV Drawstring pouch bag...I'm not sure if it's a promo item, or after market goods, but it is double-sided, might be unused, but I am stating it as used just to be safe... It appears in very nice shape, and seems quite clean inside, which leads me to believe it is not used... Forgive if there are some oversights, but I did not notice anything out of the norm, it seems to be in pretty much perfect condition... But that is MY opinion and Opinions MAY VARY... Please use the photos provided to decide if this is for you or not... :)
I think condition to be very good, I notice no holes or anything like has some very nice imagery on both sides... It can be hung and displayed should you wish, or be used to house some smaller lighter items of yours... Maybe clear files sets, paperwork, or something like that... it's a fair size, (sorry, but I do not have measurements...)
It will probably be shipped folded unless you specify, well in advance not to... (I do not think it will affect the condition at all, the lines will probably not be permanent...) If you require it shipped completely flat in cardboard, shipping may cost more.... Please know this, in advance... TY.
Thanks For Buying from me, you are Acknowledging that You Have Read, Fully Understand, and Agree to my Terms, and Conditions, Stated Below:
I'm Happy To Ship World-Wide MINUS MY EXCLUSIONS ---Providing you are willing to pay actual costs per option you choose for your Country. Shipping costs shown are for USA, and Canada ONLY! (ANYWHERE ELSE EXPECT COSTS TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER!)I state items with as accurately as possible, to the best of my knowledge, all items are inspected before shipping out.I never Use Stock Photos what you see is what you get. Please always use photos to make your own judgement of item's condition.I Prefer Instant Payments, after I send invoice( Within 24 Hours )Via PayPal.However If You Need More Time ----MESSAGE ME!!! (I can work with you, generally, in most cases, and am reasonable.) ---I may even be able to work out payment plans with you, if it's something you really want and cannot totally afford at once, message me, and we can perhaps work something out, where you can pay on here, in installments. (NO PROMISES, THO....)
I Combine Shipping (Whenever Possible) Some items, due to size, and location may be impossible to ship together, some of my items, are being held for me, others are in my direct care, for that reason, I need your understanding shipping all items together, may not be possible.Your items, may be shipped by a second party. That I Know, and Trust.( Some of my items are being held for me, by a friend in Japan) there are times where I will have him directly ship items for me, He packs very well, and is 100% Trustworthy)Please Allow Ample time to arrive and Allow for My Allotted Handling Time....Sometimes I am able to ship quite quickly but other times it may take several weeks Or up to 40 Business Days... BE OK With the Possibility of Delays, do not squabble with me over times, I do not want buyers who bicker and expect all THEIR WANTS to be met over MY NEEDS....
(In rare circumstances items have taken up to 3+ months to arrive, (after shipping date.) There Are NO GUARANTEES on delivery time, as it is OUT OF MY HANDS ONCE SHIPPED! Do Not Blame Me if Shipping is Delayed...)
(AGAIN, BE OK WITH THIS OR DO NOT BUY. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.)I Am Not, and Will Not Be Held Responsible for items damaged, delayed, and or lost, by postal service mishaps. Nor Can I be blamed or penalized on things I cannot control. Please Acknowledge this prior purchasing. If you do not agree, DO NOT BUY, it's as simple as that.If a Mail Claim Ever has to be made, for lost packages, I will follow up, with the post office, and open claims as needed, but you MUST ALLOW for proper procedure, and allow AMPLE time for it. (Cases may take up to 30 business days to be resolved)
Canada Post DOES NOT COVER packages that are damaged ----ONLY packages that have NOT BEEN DELIVERED... Due to recent events that transpired I ship ONLY With Tracking Numbers... ALL ITEMS 750 CAD+ MUST be shipped with a service that comes with Signature upon Delivery, and if total order exceeds this amount, I will have to ship priority, and costs MAY BE greater than indicated EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN USA OR CANADA....
Honest Buyers/buyers, Only Please! (Malicious response will Not Be Tolerated.)Those who Threaten, to leave Neutral or Negative response, with Unacceptable requests or demands will be reported to . I Take My response VERY SERIOUSLY.I want Everyone, to be happy when buying from me, I really truly try my hardest to ensure, all sales are hassle-free, and nothing but a pleasant experience, for all. Just aoffere by my terms, and conditions, and you'll have a terrific time buying from me, I promise!If in the Extremely Unlikely event, you are Not Satisfied, with a purchase...Please Let Me Know BEFORE, you EVER Consider ANYTHING ELSE, other than Positive response. Allow me the chance to make it right. :)I Take Item Requests, if there's anything you are looking for in particular, please let know, and I can try to hunt it down for you, or see, if I already have it, in my collection.Please Take a Moment and Leave me Positive response and 5 Stars All Round!When you Receive and are Satisfied with your experience and item(s) purchased. Am NOT Responsible for any Import/Customs Fees, that may arise.
I do NOT Accept Cancellations.
I do NOT Accept Returns.

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