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Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin (w/ Sleipnir) For Sale

Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin (w/ Sleipnir)

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Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Odin (w/ Sleipnir):

Hello! This is Odin, with his partner Sleipnir, from the Final Fantasy Creatures collection by Bring Arts, released in October of 2018. I purchased this beautiful figure and was surprised to see how big and full of detail it was! Odin is about 9.5" tall and Sleipnir is about 11" high and 14" wide.

I opened the box and lifted up the clear plastic tray to admire all the color and details and afterwards, I replaced the plastic tray back over top of the figure and slipped it back into the box. I have done this a few times over the years, simply admiring but not removing from the plastic so the figure remains in flawless mint condition!

But, such a majestic duo of beasts of a figure deserves a better home than a shelf in my closet and I think it's time to move on. (In all honesty, it's simply just taking up too much space at the moment, hah!)

But anyways, hope you found what you're looking for, and thanks for stopping by!

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