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Ivalice Species

Several species exist in the Ivalice games (Final Fantasies XII, XII:Revenant Wings, Tactics Advance, and Tactics A2). All are intelligent and human-like, and often can be part of your party or at least your friendly NPCs.

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Aegyl (12RW)
Winged beings who dwell on the sky continent of Lemurés. Because their anima has been stolen away by Feolthanos, they come across as cold and emotionless. The Folio says: "The winged race which inhabits Lemurés. With the notable exception of said wings, they are otherwise much like humes in appearance, though they are much shorter lived - a mere forty years. The aegyl shun conflict, and are in fact slow to show emotion of any sort.

"The aegyl are primarily gatherers of fruits and wild grasses, though they occasionally supplement their diet with fish and eggs. This is enough to maintain the small aegyl population. The fauna of Lemurés consists in the main of Yarhi, illusory beasts with nary a scrap of meat to offer would-be hunters.

"The aegyl generally adorn themselves with light clothing and ornaments of only the thinnest metal, so as to facilitate flight. It is fortunate, then, that the climate remains temperate year round, this suiting the aegyl inclination toward dispassion withal.

"The aegyl have long since ceased building new dwellings, living instead in the ruins left by their ancestors. The stone architecture in evidence speaks to the grand scale and quality of the aegyl stonemasons' vision and skill."

Bangaa (12/TA/TA2)
Lizard-like people with high physical power. Their jobs include Bishop, Defender, Dragoon, Gladiator, Templar, Warrior, and White Monk.

Prominent bangaa in FF12 include Migelo, and Ba'Gamnan and his cronies.

CP: Humanoid race, their bodies covered in small, hard scales, with distinctive long, drooping ears. Bangaa are nimble and strong, living up to twice as long as the average hume. In manner and intelligence they greatly resemble humes, and as such as the most integrated of the humanoid races in hume society. Even so, some humes call the bangaa "lizards" behind their backs, but this is considered a slur, and is like to deeply offend any bangaa within hearing.

Garif (12)
CP: This race of large-framed, well-muscled humanoids have bodies covered in thick fur. The Garif adorn themselves simply with ornaments of stone and bone, preferring natural objects over those crafted or otherwise changed from their original form. The one excception is their masks: each is unique, and is worn for the duration of its owner's life. The Garif worship magicite as a sacred substance, and possess deep cultural knowledge of the Stones.

Gria (TA2)
A race that feature bat wings, and can fly around the battlefield. Gria appear to be entirely female, like viera. Interestingly, their classes are focused almost entirely on physical attacks; they're stronger than they look.

Nu Mou (12/TA/TA2)
A doggy-looking species, who are very talented when it comes to the magical fields, and can speak with monsters. Their jobs include Alchemist, Beastmaster, Black Mage, Illusionist, Arcanist, Scholar, Morpher, Sage, Time Mage, and White Mage.

In FF12, the nu mou are the rarest of species, mainly appearing as acolytes of the Light of Kiltia on Mt Bur-Omisace. There are a few scattered elsewhere (there's one in Clan Centurio) and three take care of the sealed beasts in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

Seeq (12/TA2)
Seeq appear quite infrequently in 12, but more often in TA2, where they can join your party. They have no magic to speak of, and their job classes tend towards brute strength or unusual skills.

CP: Humanoids of great girth, considered somewhat duller and cruder than humes. Though they appear ponderous, they move with surprising alacrity, making excellent warriors whether on the attack or defensive. However, their barbarous natures and lack of courage find them engaged more often as bandits or worse. Very fond of gemstones, gold, and other shiny objects, with which they richly adorn their bulky forms.

Viera (12/TA/TA2)
A completely female tribe of bunny-ladies. They're fast on their feet and have great accuracy, and can mix magic and physical attacks. Their jobs include Archer, Assassin, Elementalist, Spellblade, Fencer, Red Mage, Sniper, Summoner, and White Mage.

In FF12, the viera have their own village, Eruyt, nestled deep in the Golmore Jungle. They have a communion with the forest, and are fiercely insular. Despite this, there are quite a few viera (like Fran) who have left the forest and are wandering the world. They have very long life-spans and every viera in the game appears young. They have bushy white hair, almost a mane, and have a predilection for revealing clothing.

Many semi-serious words have been spilled about how baby vieras get made. In RW, it's revealed that it is possible for a viera to marry another species (the pale-skinned feol viera, like Mydia, are the offspring of a viera and an aegyl), but that doesn't explain how the rest of them come about. For example, though Feolthanos only married one viera, somehow all the subsequent offspring are feol viera, and they must have happened somehow... what's more, Mydia has memories of talking to her mother, so they they don't just spontaneously divide like ameobas, either.

CP: Viera are reclusive by nature, living separate from the world outside, shunning even the society of their own kind, save when necessity demands. This isolation is in part made possible by the viera ability to hear the spirit voice of the Wood, and thereby know all that comes to pass within Her borders. Throughout the history of Ivalice, rarely have the viera ventured beyond the borders of the Wood, and few outsiders know of their laws or customs. [...] Compared to other races, the viera seem to move at a slower, more contemplative pace, more at peace with the flow of time. However, some younger viera have begun to question the wisdom of rejecting change in the midst of a rapidly developing Ivalice.

M1 Hellfire/combat Machete/sword/bowie/knife/full Tang/rubber Grip/survival picture
M1 Hellfire/combat Machete/sword/bowie/knife/full Tang/rubber Grip/survival

X-men Hellfire Club Black Queen Selene Original Art By Jardel Cruz 11x17 picture
X-men Hellfire Club Black Queen Selene Original Art By Jardel Cruz 11x17

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1994 Fleer Ultra X-men Trading Card #144 Wolverine Vs. Hellfire Club

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Pirates Wizkids Csg Pocketmodel Hellfire New & Unpunched Davy Jones Curse

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Ultimate X-men #23 Marvel Comics Cyclops Cover Hellfire & Brimstone Pt 3 Millar

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