Final Fantasy Compendium
Araguay Woods
A forest near Dorter. Ramza saves Boco the Chocobo from a horde of Goblins here.

Balias Swale; Barius Valley (PSX)
Balias, St. Ajora's disciple, hid out here many centuries ago. Ramza finds Agrias here and rescues her from Order of the Northern Sky; she joins up.

Balias Tor; Barius Hill (PSX)
The hill where Balias, the first disciple of St. Ajora, was executed by the Empire. Ramza and Mustadio come upon some mercenaries hired by Baert Trading Company here. Later, this is the hunting grounds of some of the nastiest monsters in the game.

Barius Hill (PSX)
See Balias Tor.

Barius Valley (PSX)
See Balias Swale.

Bed Desert (PSX)
See Beddha Sandwaste.

Beddha Sandwaste; Bed Desert (PSX)
An ancient royal palace is buried here. Barich waits for Ramza here on his way to Fort Besselat.

Bervenia Free City
The city where St. Ajora was born; controlled by the Glabados Church. Meliadoul waits here for Ramza on his way to Zeltennia Castle.

Bervenia Volcano (PSX)
See Mount Bervenia.

Bethla Garrison (PSX)
See Fort Besselat.

Brigands' Den; Thieves Fort (PSX)
A floating fortress, formerly a fishermans' shelter. Dycedarg sends Ramza here to defeat a cadre of the Corpse Brigade (kind of to get Ramza out of his hair). Ramza meets with Milleuda for the first time, as leader of the cadre.

Deep Dungeon
A lighthouse built to protect ships in the Bugross Sea; it was partially damaged in the Fifty Year War. It now has ten levels underground, each of which is completely dark and the entrance to the next level must be found tediously. At the tenth level waits Elidibus, holder of the Zodiac Summon spell and the Serpentarius Holy Stone.

Doguola Pass (PSX)
See Dugeura Pass.

Dolbodar Swamp (PSX)
See Dorvauldar Marsh.

Dorter Trade City
Ramza is led here to find out where Marquis Elmdore was taken, but is suprised by the Corpse Brigade. (Wiegraf himself makes an appearance, but escapes.) Later, Folmarv hires some mercenaries to attack Ramza, Agrias, and Gafgarion here, and even later Ramza will meet Marach here for the first time.

Dorvauldar Marsh; Dolbodar Swamp (PSX)
A random battlefield between Limberry Castle and Fort Besselat.

Dugeura Pass; Doguola Pass (PSX)
Near Mt. Rudoria, a holy place for priests. Ramza will fight Nanten guards here on his way to Fort Besselat.

Eagrose Castle; Igros Castle (PSX)
The headquarters of the Beoulve family and capital of Gallione. Delita and Teta also live here; the Aristocratic School where Alma and Teta attend is here also. Late in the game, Ramza must fight Dycedarg to save Zalbaag's life here.

Finath River (PSX)
See Finnath Creek.
Finnath Creek; Finath River (PSX)
The swollen river runs from Mt. Zeara and is populated by wild Chocobos. Ramza must pass through here to reach Zeltennia Castle.

Fort Besselat; Bethla Garrison (PSX)
This fort is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and was used as a front line base during the Fifty Year War. The Hokuten tried to take Ovelia here but was stopped by Delita at Zeirchele Falls; Goltanna captured Queen Louveria and took her here, starting the War of the Lions in the process. Orlandeau was taken here after being framed by Delita for murdering Goltanna. Ramza must open the floodgates to stop the Nanten and Order of the Northern Sky from fighting each other; afterwards, Orlandeau will join.

Fort City Zaland (PSX)
See Zaland, Castled City of.

Fort Zeakden (PSX)
See Ziekden Fortress.

Fovoham Plains (PSX)
See Fovoham Windflats.

Fovoham Windflats; Fovoham Plains (PSX)
Fovoham is one of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, although it's mostly empty now. Ramza's party will fight Wiegraf here, on his way to Ziekden Fortress.

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice. Eagrose Castle is the headquarters of Gallione; the Beoulve Family rule it.

See Magic City Gariland.

Germinas Peak (PSX)
See Mount Germinas.

Goland Coal City (PSX)
See Gollund, the Mining Town of.

Golgollada Gallows; Golgorand Execution Site (PSX)
This is where St. Ajora was executed 1200 years ago. Ovelia is supposedly being executed here by the Hokuten, but it's really a trap by Gafgarion.

Golgorand Execution Site (PSX)
See Golgollada Gallows.

Gollund, the Mining Town of; Goland Coal City (PSX)
Ramza meets Orran here; he's under attack by some thieves he stumbled upon. Later, Ramza and Beowulf will head into the Goland Colliery to rescue Reis.

Goug Machine City (PSX)
See Goug, the Clockwork City of.

Goug, the Clockwork City of; Goug Machine City (PSX)
The home of Mustadio, Besrudio, and Barich has tons of ancient machinery. Besrudio spends all his time trying to make new machines out of the old ones. Ludovich captures Besrudio here and forces Ramza to hand over the Holy Stone in exchange for the old man. This is the jumping-off point for the Cloud subquest, spurred on by mysterious machines which react to Zodiac Stones.

Graveyard Of Airships
The final battle takes place in a desolate world where ancient airships lie. Ultima awaits Ramza and his band...

Grog Hill
See Grogh Heights.

Grogh Heights; Grog Hill (PSX)
The largest granary in Lesalia; most crops grown here are sent to the Lesalia Capital. On his way to Riovanes Castle, Ramza stumbles on a group of Nanten deserters who want his head; Orran then shows up.

Igros Castle (PSX)
See Eagrose Castle.
The country where Tactics takes place. It was engaged in a Fifty Year War with Ordalia and Romanda and surrendered; the War of the Lions is a civil war taking place now.

Lenalia Plateau (PSX)
See Lenalian Plateau.

Lenalian Plateau, Lenalia Plateau (PSX)
Ramza will fight Milleuda here on his way to Ziekden Fortress; Milleuda perishes.

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, this is where the Imperial Capital lies. Ramza must fight Zalmour here. Later, he returns to get rid of some Order of the Southern Sky on the way to Zeltennia Castle. This is also where Beowulf joins up, at the bar.

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice; Marquis Elmdore rules here. Limberry Castle is also known as "Chalk Castle" because of its white color. Elmdore and his cohorts, Celia and Lettie, will fight Ramza and Meliadoul here; after Elmdore (and his alterego, Zarela) is defeated, Meliadoul will join.

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice. Cardinal Draclau rules here. Ovelia and Agrias are offered sanctuary here from Larg, but Draclau has other plans for them. Ramza eventually has to return here to deal with Gafgarian and Draclau, who turns into Cuchulainn.

Magic City Gariland
Home of the Gariland Military Academy, where Ramza and Delita train. A band of thieves poses the first real fight of the game here.

Flag of Gariland.

Mandalia Plains
Also known as the "Beast Plains". Ramza and Delita rescue Argath from the Corpse Brigade here. Later, when they're chasing Gragoroth and Teta, the two youths reminisce about Barbaneth, Ramza's father, and remember how he taught them to play a reed flute.

Mount Bervenia; Bervenia Volcano (PSX)
The top of this lava-maker hides a Materia Blade.

Mount Germinas; Germinas Peak (PSX)
The oldest mountain in Ivalice. Ramza and Orlandeau will run into some bandits here on their way to Limberry Castle.

Mullonde; Murond Holy Place (PSX)
One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, the Murond Glabados base, which is controlled by the Church and is autonomous of any government. Folmarv and his minions hide out here before they weasel the location of Murond Death City out of Funebris.

Murond Death City
The holy place of the Murond Glabados Church is the place where St. Ajora can be brought back to life. Cletienne and Barich guard the final battlefield.

Murond Holy Place (PSX)

See Mullonde.

Nelveska Temple
Ruins of an ancient sanctuary was used as a guerilla base during the Fifty Year War. This is the only place where Reis can regain her true form, but it's guarded by Construct 7.

Orbonne Monastery
Simon heads this peaceful, 1200-year-old sanctuary, but its giant underground library hides more than most think. The Germonik Scriptures are hidden here, as is the entrance to Murond Death City...

A country near Ivalice. Ivalice declared war on Ordalia because of the complaints of the province of Zelamonia, which runs along the Ordalian border. Ordalia agreed to a peace treaty but it was really Ivalice which surrendered.

Poeskas Lake
A dried-up lake known as "Death Lake", on the way to Limberry Castle. Here, Ramza will be accosted by ghosts who want his Holy Stones to rise to a "higher plane".

Riovanes Castle
Barrington's castle holds a fight with the Corpse Brigade, Wiegraf and his alterego Belias, and Elmdore and his assassin friends. Marach joins up here after being mistakenly killed by Barrington and ressurected by Rapha and a Holy Stone.

A country separated from Ivalice by the Larner Channel. Their invasion of Ivalice caused a two-year stalemate in the Fifty Year War. However, a bout of bubonic plague silenced Romanda after three years.

Sal Ghidos, Trade City of; Zarghidas Trade City (PSX)
The central trade port with Sea Gull. Aeris (known here as the "Flower Girl" lives here; after Cloud rescues her from some thugs, he'll join the party.

Siedge Weald, The; Sweegy Woods (PSX)
The now-extinct Moogles used to live here. This is just on the way to Dorter Trade City.

Sweegy Woods
See Siedge Weald, The.

Tchigolith Fenlands; Zigolis Swamp (PSX)
Formerly a bloody battlefield in the Fifty Year War, now a poisonous swamp. A random battle with undead and Morbols, on the way to the Clockwork City of Goug.

Thieve's Fort (PSX)
See Brigands' Den.

Warjilis, the Port City of; Warjilis Trade City (PSX)
Lionel's only trade city and the central trade port on the Burgross Sea. Delita will meet Ramza here on his first trip here. Later, the rumor which opens up Midlight's Deep is here.

Warjilis Trade City (PSX)
See Warjilis, the Port City of.

Yardow Fort City (PSX)
See Yardow, the Walled City of.

Yardow, the Walled City of; Yardow Fort City (PSX)
Marach, trying to recover his sister Rapha, will attack Ramza and Rapha here. Marach transforms into a frog and escapes, however.

Yuguewood, the; Yuguo Woods (PSX)
Ramza must pass through here on his way to Riovanes; the ghosts of warriors from the Fifty Year War haunt him here.

Yuguo Woods (PSX)
See Yuguewood, The.

Zaland, Castled City of
This city serves as the entrance to Lionel Castle. Ramza meets Mustadio for the first time here and saves him from Baert Trading Company.

Zarghidas Trade City (PSX)
See Sal Ghidos, Trade City of.

Zeklaus Desert
Also known as the "Death Desert". The Sand Rat's Sietch here is where Gustav hid Marquis Elmdore.

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice; Goltanna rules here. Ramza will meet Delita at Zeltennia Castle and will have to fight Zalmour. This is where Ovelia is kept and Orran is imprisoned by Delita. Later, a rumor here opens the way to Nelveska Temple.

Zeirchele Falls; Zirekile Falls (PSX)
This magnificent waterfall rushes from Mt. Algost to the river below. Ramza finds Delita and Ovelia being attacked by Order of the Northern Sky. Gafgarion joins the enemy for this fight. Afterwards, Delita leaves Ovelia in Ramza's hands and disappears.
Ziekden Fortress; Fort Zeakden (PSX)
Built during the Fifty Year War as a stalwart against the Romandan invasion, across the Larner Channel. Gragoroth has taken Teta here. Argath and Zalbaag arrive to rescue her, but Argath kills Teta as well as Gragoroth. Ramza and Delita then fight Argath. However, Gragoroth blows up the place with his last breath. Delita and Ramza miraculously escape.

Zigolis Swamp (PSX)
See Tchigolith Fenlands .

Zirekile Falls (PSX)
See Zeirchele Falls.

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