Final Fantasy Compendium

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Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.


1. I Would Like to Say Everything
2. Zanarkand (4K)
3. Prelude (66K)
4. Tidus's Theme (17K)
5. Otherworld (23K) Lyrics
6. Run!!
7. This Is Your Story (34K)
8. Creep
9. Battle Theme (34K)
10. Victory Fanfare (55K)
11. Game Over (2K)
12. Out Of The Frying Pan (21K)
13. Leap In The Dark
14. Underwater Ruins
15. Oui Are Al Bhed (15K)
16. Enemy Attack (16K)
17. The Blitzers (44K)
18. Besaid
19. Spira Unplugged (8K)
20. Hymn Of The Fayth (2K) Lyrics and Translation
21. Phantoms
22. The Trials (11K)
23. Hymn Of The Fayth - Valefor
24. The Summoning (33K)
25. Braska's Daughter (11K)
26. Good Night


1/27. Yuna's Theme (20K)
2/28. Movement In Green (36K)
3/29. Warping to a Different Dimension
4/30. Calm Before The Storm (18K)
5/31. Hymn Of The Fayth - Ifrit (1K)
6/32. Luca (27K)
7/33. Grand Maester Mika (34K)
8/34. Inflexible Determination
9/35. The Splendid Performance (81K)
10/36. Face Off
11/37. Blitz Off! (54K)
12/38. Auron's Theme (55K)
13/39. Mi'ihen Highroad (20K)
14/40. Chocobo Jam [Brass de Chocobo] (25K)
15/41. The Travel Agency
16/42. Permitted Transit (18K)
17/43. Seymour's Theme (15K)
18/44. Gloom
19/45. Djose Temple (23K)
20/46. Hymn Of The Fayth - Ixion (1K)
21/47. Ridess The Shoopuf? (29K)
22/48. Rikku's Theme (23K)
23/49. Guadosalam


1/50. Thunder Plains (34K)
2/51. Jecht's Theme
3/52. Macalania Woods
4/53. Illusion
5/54. The Temple Players
6/55. Seymour's Ambition (57K)
7/56. Hymn Of The Fayth - Shiva (1K)
8/57. Pursuit
9/58. The Burning Sands
10/59. Peril
11/60. Moment Of Truth (4K)
12/61. Launch
13/62. The Wedding
14/63. Assault (63K)
15/64. Tragedy
16/65. Believe (3K)
17/66. Via Purifico (7K)
18/67. Hymn Of The Fayth - Bahamut (1K)
19/68. Decision On The Dock
20/69. Patricide (26K)
21/70. Isn't it Wonderful? (Suteki Da Ne?) (78K) Lyrics and Translation


1/71. Yuna's Decision (28K)
2/72. Lulu's Theme (18K)
3/73. Bravely Forward (19K)
4/74. Hymn Of The Fayth - Yojimbo
5/75. Servants of the Mountain (90K)
6/76. Hymn Of The Fayth - Ronso Tribe
7/77. Wandering (6K)
8/78. A Fleeting Dream (71K)
9/79. Hymn Of The Fayth - Yunalesca
10/80. Challenge
11/81. The Void
12/82. Beyond The Darkness
13/83. Hymn Of The Fayth - Spira (1K)
14/84. The Unsent Laugh (15K)
15/85. Fight With Seymour (61K)
16/86. Hymn Of The Fayth - Anima
17/87. A Contest of Aeons (47K)
18/88. Final Battle (42K)
19/89. Ending Theme (26K)
20/90. Nostalgia
21/91. Isn't it Wonderful? (Suteki Da Ne?) (Orchestral Version)

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MIDI Credits

JeffreyAtW: Zanarkand, Suteki Da Ne
Rob Diaz-Marino: Prelude
Shake: Victory Fanfare
yu-ki: The Summoning
spikee: Luca
Jugon: The Splendid Performance, Thunder Plains, Yuna's Decision, Servants of the Mountain, A Fleeting Dream
Christopher Ng: A Contest of Aeons
Thomash Lee: Believe
Tombery: Via Purifico
M.H., Asako Nira: Hymn of the Fayth ~ Spira

Final Fantasy, all games and animation bearing the Final Fantasy name, and all characters in said games or animation are copyright their respective creators, including but not limited to Squaresoft, Square Enix, Square EA, Tokyo TV, and ADV Films.