Final Fantasy Compendium

1. Liberi Fatali (Original Soundtrack) [FF8] (63K)
2. Eyes On Me (Piano Version) [FF8]
3. Main Theme (Arranged Version) [FF7]
4. Fishermans Horizon (Piano Version) [FF8]
5. The Man With The Machine Gun (Arranged Version) [FF8]
6. Vamo' Alla Flamenco (Piano Version) [FF9]
7. Daguerreo, The Hermit's Library (Piano Version) [FF9]
8. One-Winged Angel (Arranged Version) [FF7]
9. Fragments of Memories (Arranged Version) [FF8]
10. Dark City Treno (Piano Version) [FF9]
11. The Oath (Arranged Version) [FF8]
12. Unrequited Love (Piano Version) [FF9]
13. Aeris's Theme (Arranged Version) [FF7]
14. Ami (Piano Version) [FF8]
15. Behind The Door (Original Soundtrack) [FF9] (50K)
16. Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy (Original Soundtrack - Japanese) [FF9] (44K)

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