Final Fantasy Compendium

1. Symphonic Suite Scene III [FF3]
2. Roaming Sheep (Arranged Version) [FF3]
3. Theme of Love (Arranged Version) [FF4]
4. Legend of the Deep Forest (Arranged & Remixed Version) [FF5]
5. The Water Maiden (Arranged Version) [FF3]
6. Welcome To Our Town! (Arranged Version) [FF4]
7. Moogles' Theme (Arranged Version) [FF5]
8. The Breeze (Arranged Version) [FF3]
9. Troian Beauty (Arranged Version) [FF4]
10. Home, Sweet Home (Arranged Version) [FF5]
11. Dear Friends (Piano Version) [FF5]
12. Aria di Mezzo Carraterre (Arranged & Remixed Version) [FF6]
13. Rydia (Arranged Version) [FF4]
14. Symphonic Suite Scene VII [FF2]
15. Songo de Chocobo (Arranged Version) [FF5]
16. Final Fantasy (Piano Version) [FF5]

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