Final Fantasy Compendium

1. The Spirit Within
2. Race to Old New York
3. Phantom Plains
4. Code Red
5. The Kiss
6. Entrada
7. Toccata and Dreamscapes
8. Music for Dialogue
9. Winged Serpent
10. Zeus Cannon
11. Flight to the Wasteland
12. A Child Recalled
13. The Eighth Spirit
14. Dead Rain
15. Blue Light
16. Adagio and Transfiguration
17. The Dream Within (Lara Fabian) Lyrics
18. Spirit Dreams Inside (L'arc en Ciel) Lyrics
19. Screaming (Candy Lo) [Hong Kong version only]
**. Falter (wolfgang) [Indonesian version only]
**. Bila Saja kau disini (Yovie) [Indonesian version only]

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