Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. Opening Theme: MIDI 1 (6K) MIDI 2 (4K) MIDI 3 (15K) SPC 1 SPC 2 SPC 3
2. The Mines of Narshe MIDI (5K) SPC
3. Awakening MIDI (5K) SPC
4. Locke MIDI (19K) SPC
5. Battle Theme MIDI (58K) SPC
6. Fanfare MIDI (6K) SPC
7. Edgar & Sabin MIDI (17K) SPC
8. Kefka MIDI (26K) SPC
9. Mt. Kolts MIDI (21K) SPC
10. Returners MIDI (12K)SPC
11. Shadow MIDI (11K) SPC
12. Troops March On MIDI (18K) SPC
13. Cyan MIDI (14K) SPC
14. The Unforgiven MIDI (30K) SPC
15. The Phantom Forest MIDI (14K) SPC
16. The Phantom Train MIDI (9K) SPC
17. Wild West MIDI (26K) SPC
18. Gau MIDI (11K) SPC
19. The Serpent Trench MIDI (29K) SPC
20. Kids Run Through the City Corner MIDI (11K) SPC
21. Under Martial Law MIDI (7K) SPC
22. Celes MIDI (6K) SPC
23. Save Them! MIDI (27K) SPC
24. The Decisive Battle MIDI (28K) SPC
25. Metamorphosis MIDI (11K) SPC


26. Terra MIDI (35K) SPC
27. Coin Song MIDI (4K) SPC
28. Techno De Chocobo MIDI (31K) SPC
29. Forever Rachel MIDI (9K) SPC
30. Slam Shuffle MIDI (9K) SPC
31. Spinach Rag MIDI (10K) SPC
32. Overture MIDI (13K) SPC SPC 2 SPC 3
33. Aria di Mezzo Caraterre MIDI (15K) SPC; Official Lyrics
34. The Wedding MIDI (10K) SPC 1 SPC 2 SPC 3 ~ The Duel MIDI (18K) SPC
35. Grand Finale? MIDI (56K) SPC 1 SPC 2
36. Setzer MIDI (21K) SPC
37. Johnny C. Bad MIDI (36K) SPC
38. The Empire "Gestahl" MIDI (8K) SPC
39. Devil's Lab MIDI (19K) SPC
40. Blackjack MIDI (41K) SPC
41. ???? MIDI (13K) SPC
42. Mog MIDI (9K) SPC
43. Strago MIDI (11K) SPC
44. Relm MIDI (10K) SPC
45. Another World of Beasts MIDI (5K) SPC


46. New Continent SPC
47. Catastrophe SPC
48. The Fierce Battle [Atma Weapon] MIDI (33K) SPC
49. Rest in Peace [Dead Music] MIDI (2K) SPC
50. Dark World MIDI (5K) SPC
51. The Day After MIDI (21K) SPC
52. Searching For Friends MIDI (27K) SPC
53. Gogo MIDI (14K) SPC
54. Epitaph [Daryl's Theme] MIDI (5K) SPC
55. The Magic House MIDI (19K) SPC
56. Umaro MIDI (11K) SPC
57. Fanatics' Tower MIDI (10K) SPC
58. Last Dungeon MIDI (27K) SPC
59. Dancing Mad MIDI 1 (17K) MIDI 2 (29K) SPC 1 SPC 2 SPC 3 SPC 4 SPC 5
60. Ending Theme MIDI (136K) SPC 1 SPC 2
61. The Prelude MIDI (23K) SPC

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MIDI Credits

Rumil Erutan, Doremi: Opening Theme (1)
Peter Moore: Opening Theme (2-3), Kefka, Terra, Aria di Mezzo Caraterre
Noah E. Sproat: The Mines Of Narshe, Awakening, Mount Kolts, The Serpent Trench, The Empire "Gestahl", Mog, Strago, The Day After
Wild Alpha: Fanfare
Andrew Thompson: Edgar & Sabin, The Fierce Battle, The Prelude
Daniel Smith: The Returners, Shadow, The Devil's Lab, Searching For Friends, Gogo, The Magic House, Umaro, Last Dungeon
Mr. Data: Troops March On
Aaron Chan: Cyan
Kevin Fishburne: Gau
Scott Meek: Under Martial Law, Metamorphosis, Slam Shuffle, Another World of Beasts
Ian R. Justman: Celes, Forever Rachel
Wahan: Save Them!, New Continent
V.Falcom: Coin Song, The Wedding
Masashi Ito: Spinach Rag
Will T. Sirota: Overture, Epitaph
Mark Jansen: The Duel
Patrick Fong: Setzer
Jihun Lee: Blackjack
Jay Payne: ????
Andrew Vestal, Ian R. Justman: Relm
Jeffery M Colletti: Dancing Mad (1)
SEN: Dancing Mad (2)
Ian Mak: Ending Theme

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