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Onion Knight

Appearances: FF3, FF Tactics
Aliases: None

The Onion Knight originated in FF3 as the base class; it had no abilities and could equip only the absolute worst or absolute best equipment. However, it has since evolved to a very specialty class which requires a whole lot of leveling up, but once that's done, its stats and abilities can rise above most others.

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NAME: Onion Knight
OVERVIEW: The initial class all party members start at (similar to "no class" in FF5). Unlike Fighter, it has no abilities or differentiation in stats. It can also equip the worst and best equipment in the game, but nothing inbetween. In the DS version, this is a secret class that can use any weapons and equipment (except Job Mastery), experiences explosive stat growth from levels 93-99, can use any magic (except summon magic), and is the only class that can use onion equipment.
WEAPONS: Knife, Dagger, Mithril Knife, Long Sword, Mithril Sword, Onion Sword, Bow, Great Bow, Wooden Arrow, Iron Arrow, Holy Arrow (All NES only)
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Defend - Increase defense for one turn
  • Run - Run away from battle
  • Item - Use an item from inventory

    FF Tactics (PSP Only)
    NAME: Onion Knight
    OVERVIEW: Has no abilities, but can equip any weapon and armor, including special Onion equipment which is only obtainable via online play. They start out with terrible stats, but will raise a class level for every two jobs you master. At class level 8, their stats are a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, they get no EXP at all from taking actions.
    WEAPONS: Everything including Onion equipment.

    Traits of Onion Knight in Other Games

    FF10: Lulu's ultimate weapon is an Onion Knight doll.

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    Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square

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