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NAME: Edea Kramer
OVERVIEW: The Sorceress joins the part briefly and contributes a good deal of magic power, and an effective limit break that attacks one enemy.
WEAPONS: Blizzard Palm
  • Ice Strike - Summon sharp shards of ice and hurl at the enemy for ice damage
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high attack power, low defense

    NAME: Irvine Kinneas
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.

    NAME: Kiros Seagul
    OVERVIEW: Kiros' primary ability is slashing his fist daggers at single targets.
    WEAPONS: Katals
  • Blood Pain - Slash one enemy several times
  • ATTRIBUTES: Same as junctioned character

    NAME: Laguna Loire
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.

    NAME: Quistis Trepe
    OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

    NAME: Rinoa Heartilly
    OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.

    NAME: Seifer Almasy
    OVERVIEW: Uses sword techniques and fire-elemental attacks
    WEAPONS: Gunblade
    Fire Cross:
  • No Mercy - Charge fire power into the gunblade, then hurl fireballs at the enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, high accuracy, low magic power

    NAME: Selphie Tilmitt
    OVERVIEW: See Gambler.

    NAME: Squall Leonhart
    OVERVIEW: See Fighter.

    NAME: Ward Zaback
    OVERVIEW: Acts similar to a dragoon, with jumping and using a spear-like weapon (harpoon).
    WEAPONS: Harpoon
  • Heavy Anchor - Hurl harpoon into the air, then jump up and follow it down into a massive explosion
  • ATTRIBUTES: Same as junctioned character

    NAME: Zell Dincht
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.

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