Final Fantasy Compendium

FF6 Jobs

NAME: Celes Chere
OVERVIEW: Official job class is Rune Knight. Her sword can absorb all magic cast at her from both sides and turn it into MP.
WEAPONS: Knives, Swords
  • Runic - Draw all magic used by the enemy or allies and save it as MP

    NAME: Cyan Garamonde
    OVERVIEW: See Samurai.

    NAME: Edgar Figaro
    OVERVIEW: Official job class is Machinist. Uses spears like a dragoon, but is much more effective using tools.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Swords, Spears
  • AutoCrossbow - Attack all enemies for moderate physical damage
  • NoiseBlaster - Cast Confuse on all enemies
  • BioBlaster - Damage and inflict Poison on all enemies
  • Chain Saw - Damage enemy with chance of instant kill
  • Flash - Damage and cast Blind on all enemies
  • Debilitator - Make enemy weak to a magic element
  • Drill - Heavy physical damage
  • Air Anchor - Attack an enemy for moderate damage. Kill enemy on its next action.

    NAME: Gau
    OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

    NAME: Gogo
    OVERVIEW: See Mime.

    NAME: Locke Cole
    OVERVIEW: See Thief.

    NAME: Mog
    OVERVIEW: See Geomancer.

    NAME: Relm Arrowny
    OVERVIEW: See Beastmaster.

    NAME: Sabin Figaro
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.

    NAME: Setzer Gabbiani
    OVERVIEW: See Gambler.

    NAME: Shadow
    OVERVIEW: See Ninja.

    NAME: Strago Magus
    OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

    NAME: Terra Branford
    OVERVIEW: Official job class is Magical Soldier. Her half-esper nature allows her to morph into one.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Swords
  • Morph - Transform into an Esper for a limited time, increasing attack power and magic power

    NAME: Umaro
    OVERVIEW: See Berserker.

    Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square picture
    Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square

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