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Appearances: FF5, FFX-2, FFTA2
Aliases: None

Berserkers have one simple motivation - fight! Dressed in animal skins, and wielding axes or claws, Berserkers are true to their name - they can only fight. Their high strength and high HP make them ideal frontline fighters, but their lack of control and low magic attributes are disadvantageous against certain enemies.

Similar Job Classes: Knight, Viking, Berserker (12RW)

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NAME: Berserker
OVERVIEW: Berserkers are uncontrollable in battle and only ever attack.
WEAPONS: Knives, Axes, Hammers
  • Berserk - Automatically attack enemies at random with increased strength for length of battle (default)
  • Equip Axes & Hammers - Allows character to equip axe or hammer despite job class
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high HP, low speed, low magic

    NAME: Umaro
    OVERVIEW: Umaro cannot be commanded in battle. He cannot equip any weapons (except Bone Club), armor, magic, Espers, or accesories, except two. The Blizzard Orb accessory which changes Fight to Storm an ice-damage attack on all enemies. The Rage Ring will make him pick up and throw members of the party at the enemy, instead of himself.
    WEAPONS: Bone Club
  • Storm - Blizzard attack on all enemies
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, low magic defense

    NAME: Berserker
    OVERVIEW: Berserkers can be controlled in battle, unless the Berserk command is activated. The user will then have Berserk cast on herself for a time.
    WEAPONS: Claws
  • Berserk - Casts Berserk on self
  • Howl - Double max HP
  • Cripple - Cut enemy HP in half
  • Mad Rush - Inflict severe damage on enemy. High chance of failure.
  • Crackdown - Nullify Shell, Protect, and Reflect
  • Eject - Remove one enemy from battlefied. High chance of failure.
  • Unhinge - Damage and lower enemy evasion
  • Intimidate - Damage and slow enemy
  • Envenom - Damage and poison enemy
  • Hurt - Inflict damage equal to user's HP
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Itchproof, Counterattack, Magic Counter, Evade & Counter, Auto-Regen
    ATTRIBUTES: High HP, high strength, high speed, high evasion, low MP, low magic power, low magic defense

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Berserker
    OVERVIEW: The Seeq Berserkers have various offensive attacks.
    WEAPONS: Claws
  • Furore - Damage and knock back enemy
  • Hone Senses - Raise critical hit rate of unit
  • Inner Calm - Raise evasion of unit
  • Scream - Remove buffs from surrounding units
  • Smite of Rage - Damage and cause random debuff
  • Ground Shaker - Earth-elemental shock wave
  • Helm Smash - Damage and destroy helmet
  • Smash - Damage and destroy accessory
    Reaction Abilities: Critical:Berserk, Counter
    Support Abilities: Attack Up
  • Traits of Berserker in Other Games

    FF3: Viking looks like it may have been a precursor to the Berserker.
    FF7: The Fury Ring accessory puts the wearer in constant Berserk status.
    FF8: The GFs Eden and Ifrit teaches the ability Mad Rush which acts like Berserker's Berserk.

    Elfheim #1 - 4 Complete Series - Night Wynd 1991 - Barry Blair picture
    Elfheim #1 - 4 Complete Series - Night Wynd 1991 - Barry Blair

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    Elfheim Volume 4 #2 Vf- 7.5 1993 Stock Image

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    Elfheim Volume 3 #4 Vf 1992 Stock Image

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    Elfheim Volume 3 #2 Vf 1992 Stock Image

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