Final Fantasy Compendium

Welcome to the full lowdown on FFU's story, episode by episode! Enjoy!

Episode 01: The Inner World - Wonderland, Journey into the Darkness

Episode 02: Demon Gun - Magun, Man of the Black Wind

Episode 03: Fruit, The Town of Sweet Scent

Episode 04: Makenshi, The White Etude

Episode 05: Sid. The Adventure of the Underground Waterway

Episode 06: Kigen Arts, The Savior of Souls

Episode 07: Subway. Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel

Episode 08: Soil, The Heart of the Magun

Episode 09: Oscha-The Endless Project

Episode 10: Mansion. The Memory of Sagiso

Episode 11: Ciel. The Departure of Chocobo

Episode 12: Fungus - Eternal Life

Episode 13: Meteor. Abominable Memory

Episode 14: Omega, Reunion and Departure

Episode 15: Jane. The Moving Ocean Puzzle

Episode 16: Kigen Summon, behind the Smile

Episode 17: Frog - A Tiny Huge Adventure

Episode 18: Madoushi - The Battle Between Mist And Clouds

Episode 19: Ai - An Encounter With Kuria

Episode 20: Yu - The Secret Of Gaudium

Episode 21: Cactus - The Wandering Ocean

Episode 22: Moogle - Nostalgic Memories

Episode 23: Telos - Eyeing The Flight

Episode 24: Chaos - The True Identity Of Earl Tyrant

Episode 25: Kaze - When Life Gives Hope

Celtic Moon & Cat Amulet picture
Celtic Moon & Cat Amulet

Celtic Moon Celestial Amulet picture
Celtic Moon Celestial Amulet

Celtic Knot Charm & Mother Of Pearl Moon picture
Celtic Knot Charm & Mother Of Pearl Moon

Crescent Moon Shelf Black picture
Crescent Moon Shelf Black

7.5 Inch Cast Iron Cauldron With Triple Moon Design picture
7.5 Inch Cast Iron Cauldron With Triple Moon Design

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