Final Fantasy Compendium

Death Claw

One of FF's completely original monsters, it looks like its name - a nasty face, and multiple taloned limbs coming out from its body. It usually uses physical attacks.

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FF3 in-game FF3
-Death Claw
-Iron Claw
FF5 in-game FF5
-Death Claw
-Iron Claw
FF7 in-game FF7
-Death Claw
-Death Claw
-Scissor Chitin
-Scissor Claw
-Iron Claw
-Scissor Devil
-Experiment No. 116
FF8 in-game FF8
-Death Claw (NA) / Iron Hook (JP)
FF8 in-game FF12
CP: Being a variety of mantis having a brown, shell-like husk. The anterior wings are vestigial, having lost most of their flight membranes. The stripes on its mantle increase in number at a rate of one per year, while its sickle forelimbs grow harder with age, eventually becoming dessicated and stone-like.

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