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Cactuar / Sabotender

As the name suggests, this creature resembles a small green running cactus-man with three spikes for hair. Two dots and a long open mouth for a face give it a rather cute, bemused look. It never has more than two poses, in which the feet run and the arms switch places. Despite its endearing figure, it can cause great damage with its attack, 1,000 Needles, which usually causes a constant 1,000 points of damage. In addition, most attack attempts fail or miss due to its high evade stat, and it often runs away before you can even get a chance to execute a command. However, it also has a tiny amount of HP, so one attack is usually enough. It often gives a large amount of ability points or money, but slim to no EXP. In Cactuar briefly shows up in one or two very rare occasions in DoC.

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FF6 Advance in-game FF6 in-game FF6 (MONSTER)
-Cactrot (NA) / Sabotender (JP)
ATK: 1000 Needles
FF7 in-game FF7
-Cactuar (NA) / Sabotender (JP)
-Cactuer (NA) / Sapotender (JP)
ATK: 1000 Needles
Cactuar is available as a DMV "character summon". The various enemy cactuars use 1000 Needles, 10,000 Needles and even 100,000 Needles, which means instant death if it hits.
FF8 Cactuar in-game FF8 Jumbo Cactuar in-game FF8 face FF8 (MONSTER & SUMMON)
-Cactuar (NA) / Sabotender (JP)
-Jumbo Cactuar (NA) / Jabotender (JP)
ATK: 1,000 Needles

You can call Cactuar as a GF (summon) by defeating a Jumbo Cactuar - one that's as tall as a building, and wears a curly moustache.
FF9 in-game FF9
-Cactuar (NA) / Sabotender (JP)

Here Cactuars hide underground for most of the battle, during which time they can't really be hurt.
FF10 in-game FF10/X-2
-Cactuar (NA) / Sabotender (JP)
-Cactuar King (NA) / Sapotender (JP)
-Quactar (NA) / Sabotender? (JP)
Cactuar (NA) / Sabotender (JP)
-Jumbo Cactuar (NA) / Jabotender (JP)

Here they have their own village and sidequest in the Sanubia Desert (in both games you must find ten Cactuars and play a little mini-game for each one, but in X-2 you have to search all over the world). X-2 also has a special Cactuar dungeon, where they make enemies grow to huge size by injecting them with needles, and you must fight a giant Cactuar. In addition, Lulu uses Cactuar dolls as weapons, as does Rikku's Mascot Dressphere.
FF11 in-game FF11
-Sabotender (many varieties)
FF11 in-game FF12
-Flowering Cactoid

Though not really sharing the appearance or attributes of the Cactuars, the Cactoids do use the 1000 Needles attack, and do have the same overall body shape (two arms, two legs) though they're rather squatter and with a full face.

CP: Being a mischievous, mean-spirited beastie, mercifully lacking the intelligence to do any real damage. Sproutlings are called cactites. A rare strain is noted for its proclivity to sprout a scarlet blossom, the being seldom seen, of the highest value, and considered a sign of miraculous good fortune by sensitive young lovers with a tolerance for needles.
FF12RW art FF12RW
-Cactoid (Esper)
CC in-game Crystal Chronicles

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