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This googly-eyed lizard's form is based on an iguna or gecko. Typically not very powerful, but can sometimes petrify unwary travelers.

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FF1 NES in-game FF1 PSX in-game FF1 Art FF1
-Catoblepas (Dawn of Souls)
-Agama (NA) / Fire Lizard (JP)
-Iguana (NA) / Lizard (JP)
-Sauria (NA) / Basilisk (JP)
FF2 NES in-game FF2 in-game FF2
-Frost Lizard (NA) / Ice Lizard (JP)
FF3 in-game FF3
FF4 in-game FF4
-Black Lizard
-Ice Lizard
FF5 in-game FF5
-Double Lizard
-Twin Lizard
FF6 in-game FF6
-Geckorex (NA) / Basilisk (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
-Bagrisk (NA) / Basilisk (JP)
FF8 in-game FF8
-Iguion (NA) / Shumelke (JP)
FF9 in-game FF9
FF10 in-game FF10
-Cave Iguion (NA) / Cave Schmelze
-Dionix (NA) / Deinonychus (JP)
-Ornitholestes (JP)
-Grey Molter (rare)
-Midgardsormr (rare)
-Nidhogg (mark)
-Marilith (mark)

CP: Being a variety of serpent able to maintain its body temperature regardless of its environs, preferring to live in colder regions. It has two distinctive scale-patterns on its breast which are said to be the result of interbreeding between two strains of serpent. As its body is covered with scales of surpassing smoothness, it is able to move quickly through areas of deep snow.
MQ in-game MQ in-game Mystic Quest
-Flazzard (NA) / Vulcan (JP)

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